ifwt_Ray J

Ray J was present at Chris Brown’s house for the incident Baylee Curran alleges went down, and while Breezy probably can’t say much for legal reasons, Ray has no problem talking.

After posting a video to Instagram yesterday, Ray sat down with ET today to share his side of the story. He revealed that he’s still yet to get his car back after cops impounded it for “evidence” (though that makes no sense since Ray’s car has zero to do with Chris allegedly waving a gun in this girl’s face…), and called his friend Breezy’s arrest wrong and thought it was sad how it all went down. He did remain a little vague when it came to the gun part, however, likely for legal reasons:

“Listen, I can’t say what’s truthful or not, because I have never seen that happen, and I was right there. So, I don’t want to comment.”

Check out the whole video below.

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