Marshawn Lynch supposedly retired from the NFL this off season but it sounds like the arrival of the 2016 season may have him feeling different. According to sources close to him, beast mode is strongly considering a return to the NFL, perhaps around week 4 or 5.


Via Pro Football Talk:

The Seahawks still hold Lynch’s rights, since he was placed on the reserve-retired list. If he files the appropriate paperwork necessary to end his retirement, the Seahawks will have to decide whether to welcome him back onto the active roster, to trade him, or to cut him.

If he returns before the trade deadline, which comes on the Tuesday after Week Eight, Lynch would become a free agent, if released. After the trade deadline, he would pass through waivers, if the Seahawks cut him. (Obviously, at that point they couldn’t trade him.)

At the moment, the Seahawks seemed to have moved on from Lynch and have a pretty solid stable of running backs. However, should week 4 or 5 come around and the Hawks’ are struggling, don’t be surprised if they turn to him because I don’t think anyone doubts he can still get it done.