DeMar DeRozan isn’t great by any means and never will be but he is a pretty good player who impressed people enough to land a spot on this summer’s Gold Medal winning basketball team in Rio. Not too mention the fat $139 million dollar contract he got from the Raptors in the off season as well. He clearly has been doing well for himself on the court but Sports Illustrated apparently doesn’t think too highly of him. In their annual ranking of the top 100 players in the NBA, DeRozan came in at number 46, which was something he was not happy about.


The list has named at the top that you would expect, such as Lebron James, Kevin Durant, Steph Curry and so on but you have to travel 46 names down to find DeRozan. Considering he was an all-star least season and as I mentioned earlier, made the Olympic team, it might sound odd to rank him so low, but is it really low when you take into account his skill set? Sports Illustrated certainly didn’t think so and almost made it seem like their ranking of him was too high.

They basically said DeRozan is living off the fact that Kyle Lowry has come into his own as a player and that he hasn’t gotten any better with his long range jump shot, oh and also that his defense has completely fallen off. In their defense, his jump shot is definitely sketchy at best as teams don’t respect that part of his game and it hasn’t gotten better. Attacking his defense is questionable, especially to say that “it’s gone in the tank”. Regardless of what they said, DeRozan wasn’t feeling the ranking and let them know with a tweet saying “FOH. 46”.

Hopefully he doesn’t give it too much more thought considering the people who came up with the rankings are just sharing their opinion that nobody needs to care about.

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