Steve Harvey says he absolutely does NOT want to own a NASCAR team despite allegations in a new lawsuit.

Yesterday TMZ Sports ran a story after racing exec Terrance Cox filed a lawsuit against NASCAR and nearly all of its racing teams for more than $500 million, claiming he tried to team with Harvey to start a team last year, but NASCAR allegedly shot them down.  Cox claimed racists at NASCAR blocked the move. 

Harvey however says the whole thing is not true; he went on his radio show and says he never tried to start a NASCAR team.  “I don’t even like fast ass cars!” said Harvey, saying Cox is lying about the whole thing.  Harvey says his relationship with Cox was only supposed to be about helping underprivileged youth, but things turned weird after Cox talked to Harvey about sending kids to protest Coca Cola in Atlanta.  Harvey said he was willing to expose underprivileged youth to NASCAR because all he cares about is the unprivileged youth.  He backed away from Cox when things got weird.

“I don’t want no damn race team,” Harvey says.  “I wish [Cox] had some money so I could sue him but he ain’t got none.”

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