Former boxing star Zab Judah tried to lie after a car crash in Vegas, back in January.  The four-time world champion claimed his name was “Michael Johnson,” and woman he hit videotaped the conversation.

The 38-year old boxer allegedly smashed into another car at 7 am on January 29th, and the victim puled out her phone to document the aftermath.  You can see Judah in the driver’s seat slurring his words as he’s confronted by the other driver.

When the woman asks for his name, Judah says, “Michael Johnson.”  The woman told Judah he “smacked the sh-t out of me” and was responsible for the damage and her back pain.  She also told Judah she was calling the police and it was “obvious” he had been drinking.  According to TMZ Sports however, they did not find a record of Judah being arrested for DUI on that date.


Sources connected to the incident say Judah’s insurance company settled with the woman, and it was only then that the woman learned his true identity.

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