Retired NFL player Marshawn Lynch appeared on ‘Conan’ September 20.  He was asked his opinion on Colin Kaepernick’s protest.  The San Francisco 49ers quarterback is still making major headlines as he refuses to stand for the national anthem in protest of the racism and police brutality against black people and other minorities.  Lynch said he agrees with Kaepernick and wants people to pay attention to the injustice happening in the America.

“With what’s going on, I rather see him take a knee then stand up, put his hands up and get murdered,” said Lynch, likely referring to the death of Terence Crutcher.

40-year old Crutcher’s car broke down in Tulsa.  Responding police tased and then shot him dead as his hands were raised in the air.  Crutcher was unarmed.

The former Seattle Seahawks running back went on to say something needs to be done, and Kaepernick’s protest can be a starting point.

“My take on it is, it gotta start somewhere and if that was the starting point I just hope people open up their eyes to see that it’s really a problem going on, and something needs to be done for it to stop,” Lynch said.  “If you really not racist, then you won’t see what he’s doing as a threat to America, but just addressing a problem that we have.”

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