Antonio Cromartie’s mother has moved out of the house he bought her back in 2007 after he tried to evict her from the property.

Cromartie attempted to kick his mom, Cassandra Wilkerson, out in August after she refused to start paying the $700/ month mortgage payments because she thought the house was a gift and Cromartie made millions in the NFL.

Cromartie’s wife Terricka explained that he had been paying mortgage since 2011 and later made a deal with his mother to take over the payments.  Terricka says it wasn’t until June that Wilkerson refused to make the payments, and that she and her husband can afford it because they make over $10,000/month.

Well, Terricka must’ve been right because Wilkerson told TMZ Sports (photo) that she and her husband weren’t successfully evicted, but they did decide to move out and buy their own house on September 16th.

Wilkerson also says she hasn’t spoken to her son in two months because of the house disagreement and “doesn’t understand why he’s so vindictive” toward her.

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