Many people look up to celebrities who have a certain look they want to achieve.  Some people may change their hair or buy clothes and shoes similar to those celebrities, but others go a step further and actually go under the knife.  International superstar and former soccer player David Beckham is one of those beautiful people, and this man spent nearly $26K to look like him!

19-year old  Jack Johnson – who’s unemployed and collecting benefits from the government – has spent $25,497 (assuming current exchange rates) on surgery to pursue his goal of looking like David Beckham.

Johnson appeared on This Morning and said he plans to spend nearly $40,000 more.

So far, Johnson says he’s gotten cheek fillers, fillers in his chin, eyebrow lifts, lips filled, teeth fixed, and tanning injections.  Johnson says he wants to get a gastric band surgery to lose weight but doctors won’t do it.

Johnson says he isn’t spending his benefits on surgeries, he has taken out loans and is now $24,649.65 in debt.  He says he wants to live Beckham’s lifestyle and be friends with people like Nicki Minaj and Beyonce, and that’s why he doesn’t have a job because they aren’t the kind that he wants; he wants to be famous.

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source: Esquire