College kids are not supposed to be living this good because the newly built, $12 million dollar dorm for basketball players at Kansas University is INSANE! Most people would be happy living their entire lives in here, rather than just four years (or less). Players Devonte Graham and Landan Lucas take us on a tour of the facility that has features a college kid would never imagine in a dorm room.


The dorm has a barbershop so the players can get fresh on gameday, along with a media center that would give movie theaters a run for their money. Not too mention the outdoor lounge that looks like it should be at an upscale hotel, the dining area that looks like it’s in the home of a billionaire and the bedrooms themselves that are nicer than most hotel suites you could ever afford to stay in.

There is even a half court basketball court in the dorm because why not. They are basketball players and the court allows them to practice and get up shots literally 24/7. There are 33 dorm rooms in total in the facility and the cool thing is 17 of those rooms are for players not affiliated with the team. Those kids in those rooms are by far the luckiest kids on campus.

Check out the full tour below.