Looks like the pressure is on for Amber Rose. In a recent video, we see Rose getting extremely frustrated during rehearsals. So frustrated she even broke down and teared up.

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On Monday, Rose was rehearsing her routine with her partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy, when she just couldn’t get a hang on to certain steps. Rose even missed a few steps and almost fell. She grew extremely frustrated and let out a few tears. Sources say, there was a lot more that drew her to become so emotional. The theme of Monday night was “Most Memorable Year.” Amber’s most memorable year was 2013, when her son, Bash was born. Amber wants her routine to be to the T perfect. Due to the fact that it wasnt, she grew super emotional. Amber is also up for elimination, so this just might be her last time on the stage. Let’s hope she is able to pull it together and make things go the way she wants them to go. We’re rooting for Amber. This is definitely something

Source: TMZ