Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has called what Colin Kaepernick is doing by silently, peacefully expressing his displeasure with the way that his people are ethically treated dumb and stupid; arrogant even. Check out the footage.

Katie Couric sat recently with a female court justice in the highest court of the land and asked her opinion of Kaepernick’s decision to take a knee during the singing of the national anthem to express his concern with ethnic injustices in our country. One might imagine that a justice of the United States that often takes part in major decisions that eventually affect all of us would be a little more…well, JUST; a little more conservative in her thoughts.

After listening to this clip, I know now more than ever that I need to make certain that I vote. There is currently a seat open in the Supreme Court, and our next president will fill that seat-for-life. With whom do you want that seat filled? Someone with values to match which of our current nominees? #WakeUp people #Vote #IJS

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