It was less than a month ago when Tulsa police shot and killed Terence Crutcher as he walked towards his car with his hands in the air. He was never under arrest and was in fact the person in need of help as his car broke down in the middle of the road. For reasons still unknown, arriving police officers decided to treat him like a suspect instead of someone needing assistance and when officer Betty Shelby thought he was reaching in his window for a weapon, she shot and killed him. She never bothered to use a taser and on top of that, video has proven that window she thought Crutcher was reaching into was actually closed.


Officer Shelby has since been arrested and charged with manslaughter but we all know how that will likely turn out. She even had the nerve to claim she lost her hearing temporarily during the incident, as if going deaf is a reason to shoot someone.

Last night in Tulsa, The Oklahoma City Thunder played a preseason game against the Grizzlies and Thunder players made sure Crutcher’s name didn’t fall on deaf ears. They paid tribute to him in the city where the ugly shooting took place by having his initials, TC, on their t-shirts.

It was just a small gesture but these players have been keeping tabs on that whole situation. When Cruthcer was shot, numerous Thunder players including Russell Westbrook spoke out on social media about it.

They didn’t want to come to Tulsa without doing something for his family and they invited them to the game.

Damario Simmons, an attorney for the Crutcher family, called the Thunder a “class act.”

“We’re so thankful that the Thunder sees the clear injustice of Terence being shot with his hands up and unarmed and the gravity of it happening here in Oklahoma and wanting to express their support for the family in some way,” Simmons said. “The family appreciates it and the lawyers for the family appreciate it also.”

“It really says a lot because they didn’t have to do that,” Simmons said. “It’s not the most popular thing to do, to stand up (against) injustice.”

Westbrook spoke even more about it after the game.

Salute to the Thunder for their gesture and for keeping Terence Crutcher’s name alive and well. Let’s hope his family gets the justice they deserve from our legal system.

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