We already learned that Ciara will not win her deformation suit after a judge states she is not financially hurting. She now has decided to drop her Libel suit against baby daddy Future.

Kayy: Instagram || Twitter

Larry Stein, Ciara’s lawyer is now filing documents to dismiss the remaining libel claims Ciara filed against Future following his tweet which read,

“This bitch got control problems.”

For Ciara to win her deformation suit she has to prove she is struggling financially. She has now made more money after the tweet than she did before. Although she is dropping this suit, she is still suing for ‘false light’ claiming that Future has made her look like someone she is not. Ciara does not have to prove anything financially in this case. She could very much so just get money for emotional damages. Honestly, if you ask me, Ciara is reaching. I do not think Future has caused that much emotional damage to her but hey.

Source: TMZ