This is so sad. A Chili’s manager took away a Veteran’s free meal after he failed to answer questions about his service. Ernest Walker, the U.S. Army veteran, recorded the encounter while at a Cedar Hill, Texas Chili’s. The resturant was offering free meals to veterans and active military service members on Veterans Day. Walker says he was eating at Chili’s with his service dog, Barack, when an elderly customer wearing a Trump shirt walked up to him.

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Walker wrote on Facebook,

“He said he was in Germany, and that they did not let Blacks serve over there,”

He went on to say, the resturant manager walked up to him and said that a fellow customer said Walker was “not a real soldier because [he] had [his] hat on indoors.” The manager then asked to see his ID and laid on a heavy set of unnecessary questions. Walker not only showed the man his ID AND his discharge paperwork, he still took Walker’s food away. The resturant has apologized to Walker and released a statement saying they are not taking this matter lightly and is currently working on making things right. Hopefully this manager would be fired soon because this is not how you treat people. He doesn’t even deserve a job.

Source: WSHH