Dez Bryant and Josh Norman were battling on the field yesterday but their biggest fight may have happened after the game. The Cowboys beat the Redskins 31-26 in what became a hotly contested game late in the fourth quarter. Bryant & Norman were going at it the same way Norman usually does with Odell Beckham except this felt even more serious. Immediately after the game, Dez jumped on twitter and started going in on Norman and that was after he stopped and told reporters the “Redskins better get their money back”.


Bryant didn’t exactly have a great game himself, finishing with five catches for 72 yards and having three of those catches come against Norman but there were plenty of times he was wide open and Dak Prescott just didn’t see him. That was the first thing he pointed out after the game when he said he will expose Norman all week.

Before he was able to jump on twitter and share that message, he had already told Jane Slater from NFL Network that the Redskins need to get their money back for Norman.

When the game was over and players were walking off the field, Bryant and Norman had to be separated and it appeared it was just the usual trash talking but Norman accused Bryant of talking much more serious than just trash talk. He claims that Dez essentially threatened him by saying “Where I’m from we unload the clip”.

It was a claim Dez adamantly denied and said Norman was lying. He then did threaten to beat him down.

“@J_No24 don’t lie on me.. but I will whoop yo ass boy straight up”

After some time passed, it appeared that Dez realized he did too much and shouldn’t have even gave Norman the time of day.

“I just finished watching my interview on espn… I shouldn’t have even stooped down to that… we have something special here in Dallas”

Alot of what happened was just in the heat of the moment. Even when Dez threatened to whoop his ass, he isn’t actually going to fight him when he sees him. Now the whole thing about Dez allegedly talking about guns and emptying clips might wind up being investigated by the league but again, that’s something he adamantly denies.

Norman wasn’t happy with how the game went and wound up looking the fool for it on the field but Dez is right. The Cowboys have something great going on and nothing should cause the attention to focus from that.