MMG Rapper Gunplay recently sat down with Tim Westwood for an interview where the conversation turned to American politics and the president elect Donald Trump.

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“I don’t condone what Donald Trump believes in,” Gunplay said. “I don’t condone his ideology. But what I do respect is his business. You won’t see the click bait saying, ‘Gunplay voted for Donald Trump.’ But he’s alright with me, man…as long as he stays in the borders and the parameters of not being a total racist, which it is right now.”

Of course Gunplay pointed out Trump’s lack of political experience. Gunplay and Tim were able to laugh at the fact that he really got elected president of the United States of America.

“He bought that bitch,” Gunplay added. “That’s like (Rick) Ross going to be the President. He hustled. He did his thing. You gotta respect it. But I don’t believe what he believes in. His ideology and all his cockiness—that ain’t cool.”