Welp, apparently Cleveland Browns quarterback Robert Griffin III and his girlfriend Grete Šadeiko had money stolen from their car while it was parked in the players’ garage at FirstEnergy Stadium during the team’s 27-13 loss to the New York Giants on Sunday.

Sadieko tweeted that her and her boyfriend’s money was stolen out of their wallets while it was parked in the garage.  RG3 retweeted her post, commenting “smh.”

When people began to question why they would leave money and wallets in the car, Sadeiko noted that it was the player’s and family parking garage and they should be able to leave whatever they want in there.

Tweets in the gallery above.

Sidenote: The Browns loss dropped them to 0-12 at the bottom of the AFC North, and well the league period.  Griffin hasn’t played since being placed on injured reserve after suffering a left shoulder injury in the season opener.  He returned to practice last week.

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