Donald Trump has just announced that Elaine Chao will be his transportation secretary. Chao at 63-years-old was the first Asian-American woman to be appointed to the cabinet as she was President George W. Bush’s Secretary of Labor back in 2001. Chao was the only one to serve all eight years of Bush’ presidency. She is married to Mitch McConnell, who is the Senate Majority Leader from Kentucky. He believes that Chao is “outstanding choice.”

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Chao will be overseeing Donald Trump’s $1 Trillion proposal that will propose the plan to rebuild roads, bridges, and other infrastructure. She is a Harvard graduate who worked as a banker with Citigroup. She was the president and CEO of the United Way of America, and director of the Peace Corps. In addition to that, Chao served on the boards of several corporations and non-profit orgs such as: Wells Fargo, Dole Food Co., the National World War II Museum, and News Corp. Trump electing Chao has a lot of people speaking on Trump’s ‘drain the swamp’ talk. Some took to Twitter to say,

Trump’s draining of the swamp includes appointing Elaine Chao, who sits on the Wells Fargo board. What did she know abt its fake accounts?

Other people are pretty okay with the election saying,

Trump’s recent appointments less scary than at the start. Can disagree w/Elaine Chao on policy, but one of most gracious ppl I know in DC.

Source: Complex