Dylann Roof is known for walking into a bible study at a Charleston, NC church and killing nine people. Authorities are now saying that Roof had a list of target churches in his car. Former state law enforcement division agent Brittany Burke got a chance to testify that there were names of a handful of other churches and their addresses were found on a handwritten list in a backpack in Dylann Roof’s car. This man was straight heartless. Witnesses say Roof and his lawyer were also seen laughing during the hearing with the families of the lost ones not far away.

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Also found in Roof’s car was phone numbers for the statehouse complex in Columbia and Denmark Vesey, one of the founders of Charleston’s Emanuel AME Church. In Roof’s car was a confederate flag, a gun, and a burned American Flag in the trunk. This was in addition to the letters. Roof says he is a white nationalist and could careless about black people. Surveillance videos even show Roof coming from a gun store in which he should have been denied access to any gun if a background check was done. This is such a sad sorry.

Rest in Peace to all the lives lost. Hopefully Dylann Roof gets everything he deserves in jail.

Source: WSHH