Photo Credit: YouTube / EminemVEVO

Photo Credit: YouTube / EminemVEVO

Eminem called into Shade 45’s Hanukkah Radio episode this week with Paul Rosenberg and DJ Whoo Kid, and had some jokes about his new music.

“I’m working on my new single, too,” Em joked. “Yeah, it’s coming out soon. You want the hook to it? I can give you a taste of the hook. ‘Tell me what time, what time what time/What time you suckin’ it? What time you suckin’ it?’”

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He continued:

“That’s the rough idea of it. You like it? ‘Cuz Whoo Kid, it’s actually to you. It’s super flattering, and it’s cool. I actually wrote it for Paul, but… I feel like it’s probably gonna be a pretty big record.”

Listen to the full episode below.