Via ABC News

Via ABC News

Six Tennessee inmates have now escaped from their facility on Christmas Day. The way they escaped was by removing a leaky toilet from the wall. At least three of the men were found. They escaped at about 1:30am. According to the Cocke County Sheriff’s Office, they “gained access to a hole which led outside of the facility.”

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“The bolts holding the unit rusted out and there was prior damage to the concrete due to plumbing repairs.”

The latest inmate to be captured is Eric Click, who was arrested Monday afternoon during a traffic stop in Newport. It’s just funny that these men think they will not be found. How do you even feel comfortable walking around the streets knowing you are wanted. John Mark Speir was captured at a house in Cosby, and two others were arrested for trying to save him. Steven Lewis was arrested after a foot chase with police. The inmates at large are 28-year-old John Thomas Shehee; 28-year-old Harce Wade Allen; and 54-year-old David Wayne Frazier. Police consider them to be dangerous.

Source: Complex