Well here we are, another Thursday with Bars on the mind, to tell you a funny little story, last week on my way home, just having finished Termanology with Statik Selektah, I was so wound up, I dropped some Nerd Rap Bars in my Stories on the gram…. but I digress, We’ll get into that IF I decide to come for these guys in the need rap space(it’s a thing, look it up!) ?.

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Ok back to the real story here, First Funk told me it was going to be a Bars Rapper and his legendary producer, but that got pushed until a later date(so that’s something to look forward to), then he was like ‘I really like this kid from CT’, now the last time we hd a CT rapper, it went really well, S/O Dj Relly Rell and Anoyd!!! So I was like ok Bet, Flex slid me the number and I texted Mike Flowz and let him know what time to touch down, we negotiated the beat and who he could bring, and what time to show up. Day of, Flowz showed up 25 mins early, Ready….when he hit the room where it happens, I could see the joy in his eyes!!!
Listen, something like that could be a gift or a curse, if he F’s it up, those dreams become nightmares that relive day in day out…. but fortunately, that’s not the case, he killed it!!!!

Sun came through and Spit…. I want to send this out to anyone looking to come up and be in one of the #FlexFreestyles, I know so many rappers, and what Flex says ‘Not everyone can come up here’, is Real…. If you don’t have Bars, if your swag is more important, if you don’t have a consistent flow, if your cadence is choppy because it’s more about your body language than the english language, if the music you make is to only be listened to while on Lean or pills to make sense… none of what we’re doing up here is for you, so don’t even ask!!!

See you next week same bat time, same bat channel…. sorry, that might be a reference too old for ya.