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Lamar Odom finished his rehab stay earlier today and is ready to get back to a normal life. Check out what that entails.

Lamar says he wants to just live life…but he may just get back to reality TV. Really?!?!? Wow. That honestly blew me away.

I mean, consider the fact that he and Khloe really seemed to love one another. To me at least, their love for one another really came across as genuine. Even in front of the cameras, it seemed real. What was it though that sent Lamar over the edge into drugs and what not? Was it the loss of his NBA career? Was it being in front of the camera all the time being judged by everyone with his entire life played out for ratings? Regardless, he still had Khloe and her unwavering dedication to him. But it wasn’t enough. So now…get back to reality TV?

I don’t know LO. I just don’t know.

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