Memphis Bleek - Manolo Rose - Flex
#Freestyle033 I’m not going to hold you, not only was #Freestyle033 a pleasant surprise, but a source of pride, the Homies from BK came and did their thing! Still early into the New Year and we’re keeping up those standards, not everyone can come up here and do their thing!!

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This week we have a treat, we have an NYC artist that has one of the hottest songs on the box, Manolo Rose, and it doesn’t stop there, we have an OG in the building, Memphis Bleek IS!!!!

So I get the call from Flex, ‘we have multiple ppl this week, putting you on text now’, he said it was going to be Manolo Rose and Memphis Bleek, and that he was going to put us on Text together. So I’m thinking it’s going to be Manolo, which I somewhat had reservations about, I’m really cool with my BSB nigg*s(Ave, Hovain, Young Lito, Avon Blocksdale), and there’s some history there, but I personally have nothing against him(Manolo), actually tried to get them on some cool ? before because I really think they work well together, but still wasn’t sure how this was going to go. I get the text, ’Tat is sending address’, I do, I get back ‘got it my G’, again, I’m thinking it’s Manolo, I think ‘ok no issues, clean’, but then today I get in a separate text ‘What up fam, this is Bleek, hit me when you get a sec’, I get hype! Let me explain, not too long ago I found footage of the time when Bleek, Young Chris, and HOV came up, and me from BK, Bed Stuy at that, I knew we were going to have a good time! So anyway I call Bleek back, we figure everything he and Manolo need, I put everything in place, and we’re set.

I get a call from Bleek on the way down, he tells me where Manolo is, when he’s set to arrive, I tell him where I’m at, and we’re coordinated. I land at the spot, Manolo is there, we go up, Alysha from Video dept and I set up, and we’re straight, oddly enough Bleek arrives right then. I get the beats ready to go, Flex arrives, we do an audio/Mic level check, and here’s what happened;

I have to be honest, Manolo messed up purpose a couple times in the beginning, the line where he said he might send a text in all caps, but when he saw we were cool with it, he went in, I must say it was a funny line, and we def don’t sweat small stuff like that, we love HOV!!! BK bay Bro!!!


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