31-year-old Daniel Dickson has now been found guilty of repeatedly raping a woman while also carving her initials into her back with a knife. Super sick! Dickson tried to tell the judge that the woman wanted him to us the knife during sex but who in their right mind would believe that.

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The prosecutor in charge of the case says Dickson told the victim “he was going to brand her,” after he showed her the weapon. Although Dickson pleaded guilty to “unlawful wounding,” he still tried to make excuses for his actions by saying while he was in the army for six years “Bosnia, Afghanistan and other dangerous conflict zones before leaving and taking up work as an electrician.” judge Tony Briggs of course took the jury’s side. Briggs said,

“You pleaded guilty to unlawful wounding on the basis that it was at her request to carve her initials on her back. It’s perfectly plain that the jury did not accept that particular account, and neither do I.”

This cruel action got Dickson seven years in prison. That was for the rape. The judge threw on another concurrent sentence of a year tacked on for carving the woman. In addition to this, Dickson was given a “indefinite sexual harm prevention order,” which hinders him from doing anything to get in touch with the victim. He also will be registered as a sex offender for life.

Source: Complex