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The fallout from the incident at Madison Square Garden involving Knicks legend Charles Oakley is still ongoing. Apparently owner James Dolan wasn’t happy that it took so many security guards to remove Oakley so he decided to fire his head of security for not handling things better.


Frank Benedetto, the senior vice president for security at the Madison Square Garden Company, was fired Friday morning, a source said.

I know you have likely seen this video a handful of times already but in case anyone has been under a rock, this is why Dolan was upset.

When asked for comment about the firing, MSG spokesman Barry Watkins said “We don’t comment on employees that have left the company.”

The incident caused a temporary stop in the game as the players watched a team of security confront Oakley and eventually hauled him down the stairs and pinned him down to the ground. Dolan reportedly wasn’t happy that it became such a commotion, rather than getting done quickly.

Judging by Benedetto’s credentials, he is no slouch in the world of security but he clearly didn’t do a good job with this situation. He took over at MSG after serving as a top U.S. Secret Service official who was in charge of the safety of both President George W. Bush as well as President Barack Obama.

He has also handled security for NATO summits and the Chicago marathon on more than one occasion. He could not be reached for comment on the firing.

Now if only Knicks fans can find a way to fire Dolan.