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Back in September, the baseball world lost one of it’s brightest young stars when Jose Fernandez died during a boating accident in the waters outside Miami. Due to his celebrity status as an athlete, most of the coverage after the accident was focused on him and his family but there were two other people on the boat with him that day who also lost their lives. The families of both men have now filed lawsuits against the estate of Fernandez to the tune of $2 million dollars each.


Attorney Christopher Royer, who is representing the two families, told the Sun Sentinel that the claim for 25-year-old Eduardo Rivero was filed Friday and the claim for 27-year-old Emilio Jesus Macias will be filed Monday. Each family is seeking $2 million.

After his death, it was found that Fernandez had alcohol and cocaine in his system but it is yet to be proven if he was the one driving the boat at the time of the accident.

The attorney representing Fernandez’s family, Ralph Fernandez, told the Sun Sentinel that a settlement is “highly unlikely,” saying the official crash investigation has not been completed, but he expects it to find Jose Fernandez was not driving the boat when it crashed.

It’s a sad story all around. These families likely don’t want to sue anyone, as they just wish all three men were still with us but if it is proven that Fernandez was in fact controlling the boat with drugs and alcohol in his system, then they are entitled to do so.

No word on when authorities expect the investigation to be closed. Our thoughts are still with all three families.