image via: youtube

By now you already know that Darrelle Revis has been charged with four felonies for allegedly assaulting two men in Pittsburgh on Thursday. TMZ has now obtained the audio from the police dispatch after someone called 911.

As you heard, the audio confirms that two men were in fact knocked unconscious. The two alleged victims are claiming Revis attacked them after they just tried to talk to him and he wound up punching them and stealing one of their cell phones.

Revis is claiming that he was the one who was attacked first and fought back in self defense and the video on the cell phone from one of the two men will actually show they were following him despite him asking repeatedly, “Why are you following me?”

Revis is set to turn himself in either today or tomorrow on the felony charges in Pittsburgh. The charges could be downgraded or even possibly dismissed once the district attorney goes through all of the evidence and the stories from both sides.

Revis’ attorney spoke on the situation last night.

The Jets are aware of the situation and haven’t made any comments thus far other than that.