image via: youtube

Everything about this video is hilarious. Kenny Smith was hosting an all-star weekend party on Friday but before he headed to the club, he still had work to do on Inside The NBA. While the crew of Ernie Johnson, Charles Barkley, Shaq & Kenny were still working, they decided to take a look at the red carpet for Kenny’s party. Soon as they cut to the camera at the club, Kenny was probably already regretting it.

There was not a single woman who walked down the red carpet, only a bunch of dudes who Kenny had no idea who there were. Shaq & Chuck made sure to roast him good for is woman-less party.

To be fair to Kenny, it was still very early in the evening at the time they were showing the red carpet and I’m sure it turned out to be a great night but the jokes were hysterical.

Written by @IamJoeSports