Photo Credit: Giants

49-year-old John Gorman was sentenced to five years in prison after scamming 16 people out of money they thought was going toward personal seat licenses for Giants season tickets.

A seat license is a one-time fee that provides a license to individuals that enables them to make subsequent purchases of season tickets.

According to, Gorman, a former season ticket holder, led several of his victims to believe he was employed by the Giants and that the deal was legitimate, by taking advantage of the fact that the team’s director of ticketing is also named John Gorman, the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office said.

Gorman met many of his victims by advertising on  He continued with the scheme, saying he had 28 available even after being told by the Giants that he was only eligible to purchase two seat licenses.

The scam began after the Giants’ 2008 Super Bowl and continued for multiple seasons.  The victims paid Gorman in full but never received their seats for the 2010 football season when MetLife Stadium opened for business.

In addition to the five-year sentence, Gorman was also ordered to repay $116,550 to his victims.

Gorman asked to withdraw his guilty plea prior to sentencing, but Ocean County Superior Court Judge Patricia B. Roe denied the request and sentenced him to five years in prison on the second-degree charge of theft by deception.

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