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Future released an album two weeks ago, which debuted at number one today on the Billboard 200. This past Friday he released a second, which is also expected to debut at number one on next week’s chart. Could he be going for the three-peat, though? That’s what some publications are reporting!

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The rumor first began in an NPR article, which stated, “there are already unconfirmed reports that the Atlanta rapper and his label Epic will follow up this second release with a third album.” That’s pretty cut and dry, huh? Nothing to interpret there!

It was then fueled further in a press release from The Ellen Show about his upcoming appearance on the show. In it, they state:

“Plus, one of the biggest rappers in music, FUTURE is on the show today! He’ll be performing a song from his upcoming CD, “HNDRXX.” He has the #1 album in the country this week with “Future,” and is attempting to have three #1 albums in a row in three weeks – which will make him the first in history to do that! He’s bringing it all to Ellen!”

However, Future’s manager, Anthony Saleh, says that’s all FALSE. Welp, there’s that…