Nicki IG

K-Mart has parted ways with their Nicki collab, in an odd series of events.

In the midst of the whole Remy beef, a parody account for K-Mart on Twitter tweeted out:

Due to a dramatic decrease in sales, Nicki Minaj’s clothing line will soon be discontinued. Items are now 50% off.

It was a joke, but it had much of Twitter believing it to be true (everyone believes fake news nowadays!). People actually started asking the real K-Mart about what happened and it turns out Nicki Minaj and K-Mart did part ways, but back in 2016. They released this statement:

“Kmart is thrilled that we were the first retail partner to create a custom apparel line for Nicki Minaj. From the development of the line, to showcasing it in stores, to designing exclusive capsule collections, we have enjoyed a positive relationship with Nicki Minaj and her team over the lat three years. As our partnership came to a close in 2016, we would like to thank Nicki Minaj for being a great partner and wish her continued success in her future endeavors.”