This is crazy. Detroit rapper Molly Brazy has recently made headlines for pointing a gun at a toddler. In the video, we see the toddler throwing a gun at Molly. Molly then turns around and questions the toddler as to why she threw the gun and proceeds to throw it at her.

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The Detroit Police has now gotten a hold of the video and is now looking into it. Sgt. Michael Woody says,

“It’s very concerning to see anybody point a weapon at a small child. We’re going to park the video to see what we can find.”

The rapper’s manger says the gun was not real. He says,

“She’s remorseful about it. If she could do it over she would.”

SGt. Woody went on to say,

“We’ve seen so much infant mortality in this city in the past year. Messing around with guns like that is not a smart thing to do. It’s very irresponsible and reckless,”

I totally agree this is not something that should be looked upon as a joke.