Photo Credit: NFL Instagram

The case of Tom Brady’s stolen Super Bowl 51 jersey has been solved as the item was tracked and recovered in Mexico.

The NFL says Brady’s Super Bowl 49 jersey, which was also stolen (apparently secretly), was also recovered.  Officials believe it was taken by the same person and moved overseas, according to CSNNE’s Tom Curran.

Jay Glazer says the FBI teamed up with the NFL security team for the recovery and is now in the process of returning the jerseys to Brady.  So who stole them?  Well, the NFL says the items were found in the possession of a “credentialed member of the international media.” YIKES.

The SB51 jersey went missing in the minutes after Brady and the New England Patriots beat the Atlanta Falcons.  Video later surfaced (courtesy of Yahoo Sports) showing Brady searching through his equipment bag for the jersey while insisting that he “100 percent” put it in there.

The jersey was valued at $500,000.

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