A concert-goer has reportedly been shot and killed at a Louisville club where rapper Kyyngg and A-Boogie were performing. Kyyngg took to Instagram to upload a video of him socializing with a friend. The video was cut short when the shots broke out which you can hear in the background.

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20-year-old Savannah Walker was the victim who died during the shooting. This is so sad. Young adults can’t even have fun now-a-days without having to worry about their safety. It has been reported that Walker was a junior at the University of Louisville and she was the captain of her school’s lacrosse team, was on the debate team, and she was a Porter scholar. What makes this story even worse is Walker’s father, Dean Walker, stated that Savannah’s mother passed away just one month ago. LMPD spokesperson Dwight Mitchell says “no arrests at this point and our detectives and officers are currently canvassing the neighborhood for any potential witnesses and are also looking for any other victims that may have been hit. This was a large-scale party with upwards to maybe 200 people or so.”

Prayers go out to Walker’s family on both of their loses.

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