On Monday night, Wyclef Jean was handcuffed for approximately 6 minutes, after LA cops pulled him over for a case of mistaken identity. Apparently, he matched the description of an armed robber they were on the lookout for – and Clef is fine with being pulled over because of this. What happened while he was pulled over is what has him upset, however, and both sides have different stories about what happened.

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Earlier today, the Sheriff’s office had released a statement, apologizing for the confusion but noting that the handcuffs were because Wyclef was “furtive,” adding that the musician went to his trunk and refused to move his hands away from his waistband. This narrative from cops sounds all too familiar, huh? Why would Clef do ANY of that, knowing today’s climate? He’s not stupid, and it sounds like these racist cops are just trying to save their ass!

According to Wyclef, the cops were all over him the second they stopped the car and immediately made him put his hands up, so he had no chance to “go to the trunk” nor “reach for his waistband” as they allege. He says the Sheriffs have committed character assassination and he’s now considering legal action for their lies about the chain of events.

For their part, the L.A. County Sheriff’s Dept. is sticking to their story and they are adamant it went down how they said it did – but they also say they’d love to talk with him to clear the air.

I wish this whole thing was on video!