#Freestyle052 BARS ?, for double your pleasure, we got the line up you know you want to see, straight off the URL NOME 7 ticket, T Rex Vs Kay Shine!!

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Ok, just last week we had one of the tickets from NOME 7 come through, and to be honest, it seems as tho T-Top took an L… Now I’m 100% positive the battle will not go like that, and I will say if it’s super clear Top got it, he WILL come back up and be able to redeem himself!! Back to now, that was last week, but this week, we have T Rex Vs. K Shine… whom as you may know, have an issue with each other… let see how this plays out;

That was a battle without being in a battle… fire ?, who do you think killed it best??

I will be in the building on 4/8/17!!!!