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Marciela H. from Chicago – 2007 Cadillac Escalade … IF YOU WANT YOUR CAR ON MY BLOG, EMAIL FLICKS AND INFO TO [email protected]

Marciela writes:


Michael G. from GA – 2007 CL600 … IF YOU WANT YOUR CAR ON MY BLOG, EMAIL FLICKS AND INFO TO [email protected]

Michael writes:

Here’s my CL600 with 20k in wheels and full Lorinser body kit.

Check out this 1955 Chevy I did for Dale Earnhardt Jr.!! funkflex

Leonard Weaver (Philadelphia Eagles) – Bentley GT … IF YOU WANT YOUR CAR ON MY BLOG, EMAIL FLICKS AND INFO TO [email protected]

This car was customized by Intercity Concepts in Philly. Frank from the shop sent in this flick, writing:

Leonard Weaver from the Philadelphia Eagles Bentley GT with 22inch Donz Bonnano Custom finish….

Car Flicks: @CraigMills1 – Buick Riviera … IF YOU WANT YOUR CAR ON MY BLOG, EMAIL FLICKS AND INFO TO [email protected]

Craig writes:

Flex, Check out this Rivi we custom painted for the Xotic Auto Show. Mean American Muscle.

Another pic after the jump

Audi bringing four-cylinder A8 in 2012

The 2012 Audi A8 will be offered as a hybrid, with a four-cylinder gasoline engine being paired with an electric motor. The A8 Hybrid will likely be offered after Audi has launched a front-wheel drive six-cylinder diesel version, both of which should provide quite a different driving experience compared to the 372 horsepower 4.2-liter V8 currently available.

2011 Cadillac CTS Coupe

25 years of Porsche Exclusive: Sport Classic & 911 Speedster

Porsche offers a unique customization program for all of its vehicles straight from the factory. If you’ve got the will and the credit score, the German manufacturer will be happy to custom tailor your vehicle to nearly any specification, complete with interior or performance enhancements. The company says that it has a team of around 100 workers whose sole job is to make sure customers get exactly what they want out of their new Porsche. The program isn’t exactly new, either. Porsche has been custom tailoring its products for 25 years now, and to mark the silver anniversary, the company is producing just 356 examples of the 911 Speedster that we saw at the Paris Motor Show. The car joins the likes of the 2009 911 Sport Classic– a machine that saw a similarly low production run of just 250 units. More pics …

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