Microsoft Is Ending Support For Which OS?!?


Microsoft is finally moving on from Windows XP on April 8, 2014, the company will shut down support for the operating system. There are still computers out there running the aging Windows XP despite Windows coming out with 3 different OS after XP. Microsoft has already carried on support for the OS launched in 2002 longer than it normally would due to the popularity of the software.

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Just As Suspected! Farrah Abraham’s “Leaked” Sex Tape Was Actually A Real Porno!

Farrah & James

This plan was put togehter, executed and fell apart all in the matter of like, a day. Here’s the back story if you haven’t kept up: Early yesterday morning, word broke that there was a “leaked” sex tape of Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham set to leak. Hours later, paparazzi spotted her in L.A. and asked her about it, and she mumbled some random reply saying she’d take legal action. A couple hours after that, photos surfaced of her and porn star James Deen, holding hands while leaving the offices of major porn company, Vivid Ent. At that point, we all realized it’s James in the video, and most figured that this was all a ploy. Turns out, we were right. Photogs caught up with James today, who revealed it ALL. If I was Farrah, I’d be pretty annoyed with him! Get the 411 below!

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Team Fortress 2 In Virtual Reality Using Oculus Rift

Testing Oculus Rift

The good people at Tested have one of the first Oculus Rift development kits out, and they spent a day testing it in Team Fortress 2. Watch how this virtual reality head-mounted display works in-game with every available control setting, and they discuss the promises and challenges of VR. Check out the video after the jump

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Kicks: What Do You Think About These Under Armour x Charge BB Low


Under Armour is breaking through the in the sports world lately, besides the huge cameo in The Dark Knight and DeAndre Jordan monster dunk. UA has put out there latest sneaker release in the Charge BB Low in two colorways. This pack is a limited release and comes in a Clean White and Black Out. New York Knicks’s point guard Raymond Felton was rockin them on the court. Check out more pics after the jump…

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Virgin Mobile Is Offering Customers $100 To Ditch THIS Carrier

Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile is offering T-Mobile customers a $100 credit to switch to its plans. All customers have to do to take advantage of the offer is pick a phone and then activate it and a new line by May 31. Virgin Mobile will offer a $100 service credit within the first 30 days of switching to its network.

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Source Close To Rihanna & Chris Brown Says They’ve Officially Called It Quits

Chris Brown & Rihanna

As of this moment, Rihanna and Chris reportedly aren’t together. But by now, we’ve come to learn that doesn’t mean a darn thing! Their split became pretty clear when the pair partied at separate spots in the same city over the weekend (after having been apart some time while Rih is touring), and especially because Chris was getting close with a bottle waitress while out. Now a source close to the pair says it’s definitely finito, but we’ve all heard this story before. They’ll be back on before the weekend is here! See what they have to say below.

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Chris Brown’s Mystery Blonde Speaks Out! Find Out Who She Is & How She Feels About Him!

Chris Brown & Keisha Kimball

Rumors of yet another breakup between Chris Brown and Rihanna are swirling, fueled by the pair’s separate partying while in the same city over the weekend. Adding even more fuel to it, Chris was with a “mystery blonde,” dancing with her and feeding her drinks while she gave him some interesting looks. Who exactly is this chick? Turns out, she’s a waitress at the club they were at (Playhouse.) She’s 22 and apparently has zero interest in Breezy. See what she told TMZ below.

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Wait, ANOTHER Popular Celeb’s Home Got Swatted!? This Is Never Ending!!

IFWT_ RusselBrand

Damn this is crazy! It seems like every popular celeb’s house is getting swatted. A few days ago it was Selena Gomez, before that was Justin Timberlake , as well as Rihanna, Diddy, Paris Hilton, and even the Playboy Mansion. Now it looks like Russell Brand’s L.A home got swatted. The anonymous person had called L.A cops saying that men with guns were approaching Russell’s home. When the cops arrived to his home there was nothing wrong! Crazy. Hopefully this swatting trend in L.A ends.

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J. Cole Announces “Born Sinner” Release Date….And He’s Giving Someone Competition!

Cole x Wale

Just a few minutes ago, J. Cole took to Twitter to reveal the release date for his highly anticipated sophomore album, Born Sinner. Fans have been waiting for a new project from Jermaine since he dropped his debut almost 2 years ago now! (It was September of 2011…) B.S. was originally slated to come out on January 28th of this year, but J revealed on New Year’s Eve that wasn’t happening. Now we have a new date, and hopefully this one sticks! However, there is one rapper that may be hoping it DOESN’T stick…Wale’s The Gift drops the very same day. That may be a fun, friendly competition though, and help drive both artists’ sales..a la the Kanye vs. 50 Cent album face-off in 2007. What do you think? Find out when to expect both albums in the gallery!

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Jay-Z’s “Made In America” Festival Is Returning To Philly This Labor Day Weekend

Made In America

For the second year in a row, Jay-Z and Budweiser’s “Made In America” festival will go down in Philly over the Labor Day Weekend (August 31st to September 1st.) No acts have been announced just yet, but Spotify will reveal all on April 10th. I’ve been given the heads up on one of the acts, though, and I know people are going to enjoy his show! And they’ll likely be rolling up while doing so, LOL! Can’t wait to see what goes down this year.

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