(Photos) Whoa!! Female Officer Wins HOW MUCH After Sexual Harassment Case Against Her Sergeant!!

It’s all fun and games until it costs you $7.5 Million! That’s exactly what happened to Sergeant Steven Gori after he was hit with a sexual harassment accusation from a fellow female officer. Check out the details after the jump.

NYC Woman’s DIY Boob Job Gone Wrong Ends In Fatality After Using What??

When will these DIY, outside the confines of a hospital, and away from the eyes’ of watchful physicians procedures end? Well, sadly for 39 year old Argentinian born Sonia Perez Lianzon, she lost her life several weeks after her DIY Breast Augmentation.

Say What?! Find Out Who Was Responsible For Releasing Rihanna Beaten Up Photo!!

When the news came out, it was shocking to the world that Chris Brown brutally beat up then girlfriend Rihanna. When the picture was released, shock filled readers faces. The question remained, who was responsible for the leak of this official police document?

Wow! Black Students Are More Likely To Be WHAT While In School!?!?

A study disclosed this past Friday revealed some sad news about public schools. First, let’s touch on the fact that black children are — as documented — more likely to be disciplined. Now, the U.S. Education Department has stepped up and decided to figure out the problem. That starts with finding out how many children are displined in grade school, and also, similarities in those groups. Hit the jump for the info.

OH MY! Guess Who Kim and Kanye Stole The Cover Of Vogue From?!

While the world is buzzing on the news that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West made the cover of April’s Vogue magazine! Many wonder how and why did Anna Wintour let this happen! Well guess who was slotted to be on the cover before Anna gave in!

WHAT?! Georgia Man Claims “He’s Too Handsome” To Be A Rapist?!

It’s one thing to be confident, but this man is down right cocky…

(Photos) Justin Bieber’s Mom Is In Trouble Over What?!

Justin Bieber’s mom is in legal trouble over her house in Los Angeles. Find out more after the jump!

(Photos) Actress Alyssa Milano And Hubby Are Expecting Baby #2!

Actress Alyssa Milano and her husband, David Bugliari, are expecting their second child together! Milano revealed the exciting news on her website on Friday, stating: “We are so happy to share with you that Milo is going to be a big brother!” To read more, click below.

OH! Guess Usher Wasn’t The Only One That Had Confessions On Confessions!!

When Usher’s Confessions album dropped and sold 20 Million copies worldwide, the hype about Usher cheating on his then girlfriend Chili was the news. People believed and some hurt that he could cheated on Chili. Or DID HE?

You Wouldn’t Believe this! Mcdonald’s Cashier Held At Gunpoint For Forgetting WHAT??!

I know I’ve been a witness to people getting a little turned up if they are missing something from their food order but dayum, this guy took things way too far! He was mad or na? Read more after the jump…

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