Which One Of Michael Jackson’s Kdis Plan On Testifying During Wrongful Death Lawsuit?!

Michael's kids

During the trial to determine if AEG had a role in Michael Jackson’s untimely death, one of MJ’s children will be testifying. AEG is the company that was putting on Michael’s final shows as well as the company who hired Dr. Conrad Murray. Murray was charged with involuntary manslaughter in the death of the singer. MJ’s children were there witnessing the failed attempted to revive their father and one of them is set on testifying to bring more justice to the others. Find out who it is below.

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Surprising Food Item Created 15,000 Jobs Last Year Alone!!!


I grew up on Mexican Food, I’m not the craziest about Taco Bell, but those Doritos Locos Tacos get the seal of approval. Not just because they fused the taste of Doritos with the Taco Bell staple, but because in doing so they were able to create 15,000 jobs and bolster the economy, selling a Doritos locos taco every twelve seconds last year. If they can keep up that kind of prosperity with the new Cool Ranch Taco they are launching that would mean 30,000 jobs and over 700 Million Tacos Sold this year. Even if they can’t sustain the growth, from the looks of it now, Taco Bell Will be having a second legendary year in a row with a clutch marriage to the doritos brand. Plus if it makes our economy stronger I’m all for it. Hit the jump for more.

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CustomKicks: Air Jordan XI “Bred Pump” Customs by Freaker Sneaks

IFWT Air Jordan XI "Bred Pump Customs" by Freaker Sneaks





Pumped about the Air Jordan XI “Bred” restock??  Well  Freaker Sneaks ran with that idea and featured the revolutionary Air Jordan XI “Bred Pump Customs”. Hit the jump to take a detailed look the gallery and read more…..

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(Video + Photos) Shyne Said WHAT About Jay-Z?????


Last time we heard from Shyne he was beefing with The Game over his criticism of Kendrick Lamar’s debut album, “Good Kid, Maad City.” See what Shyne has to say about Jay-Z’s rise in the game since he’s been behind bars.

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Guess Which Celeb Couple Is Calling It Quits?!


Another day, another celebrity couple down the drain. After two years of dating, this celeb couple decided it was best to call it quits. The major reason for the split is because she wants marriage and children in the next few years and it is looking like that will NEVER happen for him. I’m sure both of them will have no problem rebounding with someone else. Find out who it is below.

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Judge Judy’s Accuser Willing To Drop Charges Under One Condition

Judge Judy

Patric Jones, who has filed a lawsuit against famed Judge Judy, seeing $500,000 in damages. According to Jones, Judy and Jones’ ex-husband swindled her out of tableware. Jones claims that Judy is the reason she doesn’t have her expensive china and silverware. Now Jones is saying that she doesn’t want to sue the judge since she is a personal friend and said there’s one condition she has that will cause her to drop the lawsuit. Read more below.

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(Photos + Video) New Actors Announced To Play In TLC Biopic


Everyone is anxious to see the TLC movie due to the surrounding controversy surrounding the actors in the film. New actors are still being added to the TLC biopic for VH1 and you will never guess who has joined the cast. Hit the jump for the details.

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(Video) Check Jay-Z Out, Executive Producer For “The Great Gatsby” [ Trailer ]


I’m wondering what else does Mr. Carter have going on in his professional career, because this one was very much under the wraps. “The Great Gatsby” is the film directed by Baz Luuhrman, stars Leonardo Dicaprio (SEXYNESS), and executive producing the music will be the Jigga Man. The Blueprint rapper will assist Luuhrman in producing a “modern jazz” feel for the up-coming movie. Every since Leo hooked up the two (Jay-Z and Luuhrman), they’ve teamed up to “capture, translate and contrast the feelings of Fitzgerald`s decadent era with that of our own, using hip-hop and jazz, music contemporary and period, to bring two distinct American moments to simultaneous life,” according to the press release from Reuters. I guess congratulations are in order, so CONGRATULATIONS. All I need is some passes for the viewing of the movie – right next to Leonardo Dicaprio. Drop down bottom for more on the story.

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Belinda Carlisle Compares Herself To Lindsay Lohan

Belinda Carlisle

Belinda Carlisle is saying that she was the Lindsay Lohan of 1981-1982, she’s just lucky enough that there were no paparazzi or anything else back then. Carlisle, the lead singer of The Go-Go’s, says that she sees a lot of her younger self in LiLo. The singer, who has went onto a solo career after leaving the band, eventually quit drinking, smoking, and doing drugs but still sympathizes for the trouble actress. Read more below.

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Guess Which Celeb Couple Is Back Together?!


A certain celeb couple announced that they are back together after a sticky break-up. The couple split after she got tired of him flirting and having a wandering eye. Although the split came as a surprise to us, friends and family of the couple say that it was a long time coming since they hadn’t been happy in a long time. Now the couple is ready to get back together after only a few months of separation because he decided he couldn’t live without his soul-mate and went through everything he could to get his woman back. Find out who it is below.

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