Kendall & Kylie Jenner Speak On Kim And Kanye’s Baby!!


Kendall and Kyle Jenner sat down and discussed Kim and Kanye’s future child, they spoke on potential baby names and also their excitement over being aunties! They seem genuinely happy for the couple, which is cute seeing such support. Click below to see what they said exactly.

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Swizz Beatz Makes A MONSTER Move!


Perfectly fitting for the man who released new music weekly under “Monster Mondays” in 2010 and 2011, Swizz Beatz announced today that he has officially signed on as an equity investor and a board member of headphone company, Monster Inc. Their name is likely familiar to you because of their partnership with Beats By Dre, though they parted ways in 2012. Currently, Monster is home to headphones by Nick Cannon, Xzibit and more. Details on Swizzy’s new role below.

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(Photos) Whoa!! Lady Gaga With No Makeup!!?!


We all know Lady Gaga always has on a load makeup, crazy hair, and wild costumes, so it’s interesting to see her bare-faced and dressed down. Lady Gaga has been doing just that on her instagram, showing a more natural look. It’s definitely a must see. Click below and check out the gallery to see the pics and then let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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(Photos + Video) Chris Brown Heads To Court With Rihanna…And The Verdict From The Courtroom!

Chris Brown leaves his house headed to court

Chris Brown had to appear in court today to answer to the D.A.’s claims that he violated probation by faking his community service…and his ride-or-die Rihanna was right by his side! In the court room, Rihanna sat “quietly” alongside his mom and her bestie Melissa, as Chris and his lawyer Mark Geragos told the judge the singer did nothing wrong. The judge’s reply? He needs more time to review all of the evidence presented by the D.A., and Chris has to meet with his probation officer in the next 2 days to discuss everything. The next hearing has been scheduled for April 5th. This seemed like good news to Chris, who left the court room cheesing! Video and photos from the ordeal below, including his lawyer’s press conference outside following the hearing.

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(Photos) Drake Explains Why He’s M.I.A On Twitter!!


Not sure if you’ve noticed or not, but Drake is pretty inactive on Twitter compared to other celebrities. I always thought it was just a part of his mystery, but he actually explained the reason, and it’s nothing I expected. Click below to find out why!

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Check Out @KayFoxx On @ExtraTV Tonight At 7pm On NBC Channel 4!!!!

Make sure to check out KayFoxx tonight on ExtraTV at 7pm Channel 4!!!!!!

Funk Flex

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It’s Been Decided! Find Out What Monopoly Piece Was Dropped & What Was Added!


Last month, Hasbro announced a contest for their iconic game Monopoly, allowing fans to both vote off one of the game pieces, as well as decide what will be added. Yesterday being the last day, the results are now in! Find out who made the cut and who got the boot below!

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(Audio) Sister Of Navy SEAL Sniper’s 911 Call Has Been Released – “Psychotic” Is Her Description !!!


Eddie Ray Routh, allegedly shot and killed Navy Seal sniper, Chris Kyle and his friend Chad Littlefield. After the killing, Routh went over to his sister, Laura Blevins’ house where he then admitted to her that he committed the murders and then left. Belvins was “terrified for” her life, so she called police immediately. Drop down to listen to the 911 call.

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(Photos) Before & After: Honey Boo Boo’s Mom Drops 100lbs!

Mama June

Congrats are in order for Mama June! Well, sort of. The “Honey Boo Boo” star just revealed that throughout the course of filming their reality show the last 2 years, she’s lost 100lbs! But guess how she did it?! By doing nothing! LOL! Originally at 365 lbs when she first starting taping in January 2011, she’s now clocking in at 263 lbs…and she never went on a diet, took pills or exercised!

“I haven’t done any surgeries, no diet pills, never went to the gym,” she told TMZ, “but with the show I’ve been more active. They have me running around and going different places. I guess it’s paying off.” Guess so! Check out the before and after in the gallery.

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Lawsuit Against John Travolta Strangely Dropped Two Days After Judge Said He’ll Hear It In Court


John Travolta is not by ANY means a stranger to a lawsuit or 2+. June of last year, Fabian Zanzi filed suit against Travolta, stating that the “Face-Off” actor exposed his penis in his stateroom and then, hugged Zanzi during a Royal Caribbean cruise in 2009.
Travolta’s attorneys’ argued that both sides should handle the case in mediation, but the federal judge said, NO. Trial was what he had in mind. However, two days later the suit had been dropped. I’m thinking that this Zanzi dude is carrying a suitcase full of money now. He’s paid for a while. Drop down bottom for more details.

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