Damn! Rihanna Gets A Restraining Order Against WHO?!


Damnnn. Rihanna went through something so crazy that she needed a restraining order. Rih’s life is definitely filled with non-stop drama. Glad to see that she’s protecting herself from this person. Hit the jump and check out who she got it against. Let us know what you think in the comments section.

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(PHOTOS) Dollicia Bryan Checks In & Sets The Record Straight That She Would Never Date A Married Man!

IFWT_Dollicia Bryan 1

In the exclusive story we did about the relationship between married DJ Envy and Erica Mena, our source named Dollicia Bryan as one of the ladies that was once involved with Envy.  Well Dollicia has reached out to us to let it be known that she has never dated or had any type of relationship with DJ Envy … so we wanted to make sure to set the record straight.
Check out what she had to say & a few of her beautiful pictures after the jump…

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Live Your Life: 75 Republicans Sign Legal Brief Saying Gay People Have Constitutional Right To Marry

IFWT photo

Dozens of prominent Republicans (including top advisers to former President George W. Bush, four former governors and two members of Congress) have signed a legal brief arguing that gay people have a constitutional right to marry. This is such a huge step in the right direction! More below.

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(Video) Women Are Scheduled To Testify Against ‘Cannibal Cop’ & His Wife Says That He Wanted To Kill Her Too


First, I thought that you were not to be filed with a charge until the crime was actually committed. Could be me, never was a law major.
Gilberto Valle is on trial for a conspiracy (I guess) to commit cannibalism on more than 100 women. Allegedly, his plan was to kidnap, torture, kill and eat women.
Four women, are scheduled to hit the stand to testify against Valle. Elizabeth Sauer, 29, a woman who already testified says that she hadn’t seen Valle since college, but all of sudden he popped up via the computer. So far the women who have gave their testimony, have said that they were not at all threatened by the the guy known as ‘cannibal cop’.
While the defense team of Valle, keeps referring to what the wife, Kathleen Mangan-Valle found on the computer as porn, she is more than sure that it wasn’t. “I don’t know why you keep calling that stuff porn,” Kathleen says, “it wasn’t porn, it was dead people.” WHOA! Kathleen also mentions how she just knew that her husband was coming for her as well. “I was going to be tied up by my feet and my throat slit and they would have fun watching the blood gush out of me because I was young.” CRAY! Drop down bottom for more on this case.

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9-Year-Old Rapper Lil Poopy Of French Montana’s Coke Boys Crew Being Investigated By Child Services

Lil Poopy & French Montana

9-year-old Lil Poopy is a rapper with French Montana’s Coke Boys crew, but his song material isn’t about holding hands at school and playing in the park. In fact, he’s mirroring the content of his much-older labelmates which is quite scary if you think about it, and this has caused Massachusetts child welfare bureau to launch an investigation. His father, however, says the pint-sized rapper “is not doing anything wrong”. Yeah, he’s not, pops…YOU are! SMH! More details on the probe below. Do you think it’s okay that a 9-year-old is rapping about drugs and women, and slapping older women on the butt in his videos?

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UPDATE: Suspect In Custody After Body Parts Were Found In A Plastic Bag In The Bronx!


So, I’m walking my dog and BOOM, what do I see ??? A LEG sticking outside of a duffle bag. That’s what a witness said this morning when she called the police. A 52-year-old woman’s head, hands, torso, legs and shoulder were found on Eagle Avenue near 158th Street. Whom ever butchered “the good person and good mom,” according to a family friend, dropped the body parts in the mist of more trash around 5am this morning. Another witness saw the vehicle flee the scene in a silver SUV (CAUGHT!).
The police sent the remains to the corner’s office for an autopsy. I hope they catch whom ever did this. They treated this woman like trash in more ways than one. Drop down bottom and check out the photos of the crime scene.

UPDATE: There is a 23-year-old in custody, and it’s the victim’s son! He’d called 911 to report her missing, and reportedly told police his mother left home on Sunday or Monday with her ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend, supposedly to go to work. Police said he told them he had not seen or heard from her since then. We will keep you updated!

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(Video) One Year Later, And The March Goes On…Trayvon Martin’s Parents Continue To Speak Out


One year after the death of their son, Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, continue to speak out and advocate against gun violence. To a great capacity, they would like all children to know that they can walk the streets and not be afraid to make it to their intended destination. “We (want to) make sure that no other parents have to go through what we have gone through in the last year,” Fulton told CNN’s Piers Morgan. I couldn’t imagine.
Fulton and Martin also mention how they are aware that the trial for George Zimmerman is out of their hands. What ever jurors decided, they will be content with that. “We just want to have that trial, and let the jury decide,” she said. “And whatever decision comes out of that, we’re going to accept that. “We may not like it, but we’re going to accept it.”
I just hope everything works out. This is getting really out of control. Drop down bottom for more from Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin.

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Guess What Jay-Z & Beyonce Did Instead Of Watching Or Attending The Oscars!

Jay-Z & Beyonce

The Oscars? Ain’t nobody got time fa that! At least, not Jay-Z, Beyonce…or Sarah Jessica Parker! The power couple decided not to attend the festivities this year, nor watch them. Instead, they joined SJP and some friends in LES for a night of fun! Find out what they did below.

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At 12:18pm, There Will Be A Moment Of Silence For The 1993 World Trade Center Bombing


Today marks 20 years since the tragic World Trade Center bombing in 1993. At 12:18pm there will be a moment of silence for the lives lost, taking place at the site. Rest in peace to all of the victims.

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(Photos) Arnold Schwarzenegger Has A New Girl ? Which Blonde Is Better ?


Messing with Arnold Schwarzenegger will get you in all kinds of trouble. Young blondes, secret children and political elections. I mean come on. Arnold was recently spotted with a really hot blonde and well, who would you rather see him with, the younger girly or the mature mother of his once hidden son. Drop down bottom and let us know.

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