New iPhone Case….Tough!!!!

This is a tough keyboard case for the iPhone, and I still wish I had my iphone! I would be all over this….as long as I had the space to use it!  Especially since when you turn the iPhone sideways like this, the screen is bigger, hence better! For more go to @TatWza

Blackberry trying to takedown ipad too now!!!

News came that next week Rim will drop newson its new Tab, ok  Rim is fighing back, 1st Apple Stepped in the Mobile game wih the iphone, putting a hurting on Blackberry Sales, Now Rim is rying to Hurt Apples Tab he ipad by puting out a Tab of there own aka the Blackberry Tab(hope they can come up with a name, or ipad is already got em…..For more info go to @TaWza

Laptop Thief Incriminates Himself

It’s one thing to steal someone’s laptop. It’s another to sign onto the laptop owner’s social network and have the real owner’s friend take a Webcam picture of you! Suffolk County Crime Stoppers and East Hampton Town police released this image of a man—plus an image of his bedroom—who allegedly stole a laptop from a home over the summer. Over $30,000 of items, including laptops and jewelry, were taken from a home in East Hampton on July 29. Then one of the victim’s friends chatted him up and took these photos. Detective Christopher Anderson said, “At this point, it is unclear if one or more persons committed the burglary,” but added, “At this point, we have every reason to believe he is in one form or another involved in the crime.” Via Gizmodo For more tech talk, visit


– DREWSKI (featured in video)

Windows 7 Phone to Blow Away!?!?

Since 2008 Microsoft has been developing their secret Windows Phone 7, formerly known as the Windows Mobile 6.5. With the dominance of the Apple Iphone, Rim’s Blackberry line, and with the new Andriod making its way into the market, Microsoft thought it was their turn to make their way back in the market.  Since the Windows Phone 7 is still in development stages much more work can be done. The icon and picture display on the phone is something that would have been seen on the first color screen cell phones. The phone is broken down into 3 main sections, tile (which lists updates, favorite apps and people) with apps listed in alphabetical order.The Gaming angle on the other hand is CLEAN!!! It can Connect to XBox Live, and……For the Rest of this Report go to Posted by @TatWza

iPad vs. Galaxy Tab; The Fight is On!!

Hey, there may be a contender for the spectacular iPad…let’s see! Visit TatsTech for more information on the whole Samsung Galaxy line.

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