Paula Patton Speaks Life After Robin Thicke


There’s something seriously wrong with you if you don’t like Paula Patton; she’s sweet but sexy and modest while confident. The actress and ex wife of legendary singer Robin Thicke stopped by the Meredith Vieira show to talk all things womanhood, including feeling like a “woman” for the very first time.

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(Photos+Video) Atlanta Man With 34 Children Gets Reality TV Show!


Reality TV is not going anywhere anytime soon, in fact it is only getting more ridiculous. Atlanta producer Jay Williams appeared on Iyanla Vazant’s show last year to talk about his very interesting situation. Janeen knows where this is going. He has had 34 children with 17 different women. His children range in age from 3-27 years old and OWN confirmed in a press release last month that he will have his own reality television show. The news shouldnt be too disturbing with shows like “19 Kids and Counting” and “John and Kate Plus Eight” being as popular as they are. However this has not stopped critics from voicing their opinions. Check out the video and what critics had to say after the jump!!

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Daytime Show Gets “Real” Disrespectful And Offends Muslim Women


The fairly new daytime TV show, “The Real” has found themselves in a “real” messy situation. During an on set taping, the show asked two women wearing a Hijab (a head covering worn in public by some Muslim women for a multitude of reasons) to “move out of camera view” during a taping. Just now,the scandal is hitting the rumor mill and the community isn’t taking this lightly!

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(Photos) Aziz Ansari Strikes Deal With Netflix For New Show!


Aziz Ansari has a new sitcom coming to Netflix! The show which currently has no title has been given a 10 episode run by Netflix. Ansari has just finished 7 series of the hit show Parks and Recreation and was the first person to be cast to the show even in it’s conceptual stages. Aziz a co-creator of the new Netflix sitcom teamed up with Parks & Recreation buddies Alan Yang, Michael Schur, and David Miner whom all will be executive producers. The show which stars Aziz Ansari is said to be a semi-autobiographical comedy sitcom about dating and relationships, which is pretty general so you can expect a unique style to this project.

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Will The Olsen Twins Be Joining The Full House Reboot? Here’s What They Had To Say!

Full House

Earlier this week, John Stamos (aka Uncle Jesse) confirmed that a Full House reboot is coming to Netflix, starting off with a one-hour reunion, then spinning off to focus on DJ Tanner’s life as a now-single soon-to-be-mom (after losing her husband) with Stephanie and Kimmy Gibbler moving in to help her.

Of course the million dollar question is whether the Olsen twins would be joining – considering they’re the most famous and successful of all the actors on the show. (Which is kind of funny – considering a majority of their time on the show they did nothing but smile and be cute because they were babies.)

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Netflix, Whats Getting Tossed, Whats New For May 2015


Your favorite streaming service Netflix is definitely making some room for its new series. 60, thats right 60 movies and television shows will be axed from Netflix. No fear, there are 60+ new shows and movies that you will be able to stream.

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(Photos+Video) HBO Picks Up Web Series About Brooklyn Drug Dealers!


Web series are quickly becoming the new critically acclaimed comedy shows we watch on network television. “High Maintenance” is a web series that was created as a hobby to showcase the life of a Brooklyn weed dealer. “High Maintenance” is a humane look at the drug dealer delivery culture that all NYC smokers know about. It showcases a warm and original look at the absolute craziness of living in New York City. The creators of the hit web comedy are husband and wife team Katja Blichfeld and Ben Sinclair and the series has just been picked up by HBO for 6 more episodes. See a trailer for “High Maintenance” and see what Vimeos CEO had to say after the jump.

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(Video) Dr. Oz Show Exposed By WikiLeaks!


He’s the Dr. that nobody hates to see, but in just a matter of moments he lost the trust of millions. The squeaky clean cut Dr. seems like he’s generally concerned about the welfare of his audience but he’s made it quite clear, he’s about business. WikiLeaks, the infamous non-profit journalistic origization who releases and publishes TOP SECRET information, has spilt the tea again! The Dr. that we have invited into our homes, daily…has sold out and they’ve got proof!

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(Video) LL Cool J Really Can’t Draw vs Big Sean in Pictionary on Fallon

LL Cool J vs Big Sean in Fallon Pictionary

Need some prime time Hip Hop and a laugh? Need to feel better about yourself at someone else’s hilarious expense? Consider all your boxes checked when you find out LL Cool J Really Can’t Draw vs Big Sean in Pictionary on Fallon (LOL). What started as an innocent game got a little awkward after the Hip Hop legend told America he had ZERO drawing skills…and was promptly found to be telling the truth in a major network display of (WTF)…(LOL) check the vid!

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Kelly Rowland Lands New Show, “Chasing Destiny”


BET calls on Kelly Rowland for her own music-driven series, Chasing Destiny (Am I the only one who immediately thought of Eric Jerome Dickey?). Chasing Desting, “a multiplatform search for the next blazing hot singing sensation” will bring together all women who will have to meet Rowland’s “standards of excellence.” Hmm, some pretty big shoes to fill.

“Excited to launch my new show,” the lovely lady says on Twitter. I’m sure there are just as many excited viewers. Go Kelly, go Kelly, GO!

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