(Video) Amazing: A 7-Year-Old With No Hands Wins Hand Writing Competition

It just makes me so happy to see people take on challenges and turn them into something beautiful. Anaya Ellick, a 7-year-old girl recently won a competition for the best hand writing. The plot twist on this whole story is that Anaya has no hands.

P-Dice, Former Member Of Fetty Wap’s Remy Boyz, Charged With Shooting 7 Year Old

P-Dice, a former member of Fetty Wap’s Remy Boyz crew, has just been arrested and charged with attempted murder for accidentally shooting a 7 year old boy. The boy was inside his house when a stray bullet came piercing through the window and striking him in the shoulder. Full story after the jump.

What?! Woman Arrested After Spraying Her 7 Year Old Neighbor With Pesticide?!

Okay, I can understand sometimes kids can be pests, but really lady?! According to police, a 60 year old woman from California is currently facing child cruelty charges after she sprayed her 7 year old neighbor in the face with a poisonous pesticide. Find out the whole story after the jump!

“Ooops!!! I left 2 Guns In My Son’s Back?!?!”

I bet it’s not hard to guess what might happen when a 7 Year Old who is bullied, takes 2 guns to school. Check out the full story after the jump. AliTheGreatest

Police Search For Boy Snatched By Crocodile

This isn’t the first time a crocodile has snatched a kid from the Northern Territory in the past few weeks. Australian police are searching for the remains of a 9 year old boy who was attacked by a crocodile yesterday while swimming with a group in the river at Port Bradhsaw. Witnesses on the scene tried to kill the croc using spears but that only annoyed the beast causing it to swim out deeper dragging the boy with him. Authorities sounded pessimistic while preparing to go search for the boy today fearing that they wouldn’t find the boy’s remains. The remains of a 7 year old girl inside a crocodile a few weeks back were recovered just a day after she was taken. The girl was found after the crocodile that took her was shot and killed her body was found inside the dead croc carcass. Hit the jump for more. PaulDaPro

(Photo)Aww! Look At This Cute Letter A 7-Year-Old Wrote About Dating!

Kids really say the cutest things! A 7-year-old girl named Sophie wrote a letter about when she gets a boyfriend. The little girl was inspired by an episode of the kid friendly show, “Good Luck Charlie,” in which the father goes to spy on his son’s first date. Check out what the little girl wrote below. Funk Flex

7-year-old Honored For Fighting Off Would-Be Abductor

In Miami, 7-year-old A-nari Taylor was playing with her 4-year-old cousin Brandon Mincey and other kids, when a man came up and grabbed Brandon. A-nari then took action and started punching and kicking the man, yelling to let go of him. This worked as an adult rushed over the help. The man was arrested by police. A-nari has received an award for her courageous action. Click below to read more. Jason J.

Mother Gives Her 7 Year Old Daughter A Voucher For Plastic Surgery For Christmas

This is a damn shame! Why would you promote this kind of thing to your child? Perhaps because the mother is slightly off her rocker herself! Sarah Burge is a 51-year-old plastic surgery enthusiast known in England as “The Human Barbie” because of the over $1,000,000 she’s allegedly spent on her own plastic surgeries. Disgusting! More details on this “gift” below. Marisa Mendez

7-Year-Old Boy Charged With Sexual Harassment After School Fight!

A 7-year-old boy was arrested after a school fight, not for fighting, but for sexual harassment! The boy, who is in first grade, got into a fight with a classmate on a school bus. The boy’s mother claims that he was sticking up for himself and the school district has confirmed that they will be investigating the fight for sexual harassment for one certain reason. Hit the jump to find out why. Julie1205

Man Who Beheaded His 7-Year-Old Disabled Son May Face Execution

In “what-is-wrong-with-this-sick-world” news, the Louisiana man who allegedly confessed to beheading his disabled son last week was indicted on Friday on a charge of first-degree murder, and if he is convicted he may face a sentence of either life in prison or execution. More details after the jump… @ItsLukieBaby

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