(Video) The ‘7th Grader’ Who Fought Katt Williams Speaks Out

The boy who bodied Katt Williams has finally spoken out. Reports were saying that the boy was a 7th grader. Well he isn’t. His name is Luke Wash and he is 17. Wash says that they were playing a innocent game of soccer when things went left.

(Video) SMH: Bullies Viciously Beat 7th Grader In Illinois Middle School!

School officials and parents need to do a better job at protecting these children! Recently, a 7th grader was viciously attacked by a group of bullies at his middle school in Illinois. Anthony Avila agreed to fight the ring leader of the group, so that the boys would stop tormenting him. Instead he was jumped, suffering multiple bruises and a concussion. The attack, which was caught on camera, was on school grounds at Comper’s Junior High School in Joliet. To see the video, click below.

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