(Photos) Disney Star Rescued After Plummeting Off 100 ft. Cliff on a Ducati!!

Wow…glad he’s ok after such a crazy fall!! Someone was definitely watching over Matthew “Mdot” Finley, the star of Disney’s “Camp Rock 2” last week. The actor was riding his Ducati in Malibu when he lost control and plummeted off of a 100 foot cliff!! Read on for details and a few pics!! Wishing you a speedy recovery, Matt! @MarisaMendez

Sean Kingston’s Female Passenger Identified, Tells Story of What Happened and Update on Sean

Cassie Sanchez, a video model better known as @CassiieMeLinda on Twitter, was Sean Kingston’s “unidentified female passenger” when the singer crashed into a bridge in a jet ski accident this past Sunday evening. Cassie was treated the same night of the incident and released, and now is telling some details as to what happened. Hit the jump to hear what she had to say. @MarisaMendez

(Photo) Check Out Who Went to Visit Sean Kingston in the Hospital!

I’m so happy to hear reports that Sean is doing better (a friend of mine went to visit last night and said he’s pretty good!) and apparently Sean has had some other visitors as well! Check out what lovely lady visited him at Jackson Memorial yesterday after the jump. Get well soon, Sean!!!! @MarisaMendez

Celebs Send Well Wishes to Sean Kingston

Upon hearing the news of Sean’s major accident last night, his music peers immediately took to their Twitter to send their prayers and well wishes. Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber and more sent their love to their friend/past collaborator. Hit the jump to see what everyone said. We too at IFWT are keeping you in our prayers, Sean! @MarisaMendez

UPDATE on Sean Kingston’s Condition

Yesterday evening in Miami, singer Sean Kingston and a female passenger crashed their jet ski and were taken to the hospital and Sean was listed as critical condition. Hit the jump for an update on his condition!! @MarisaMendez

(Photo) Paris Hilton Crashed Her Pink Bentley With Her Black SUV

I’d be super tight if this happened to me! At Paris’s house recently, someone tried to take her black SUV out…and accidentally crashed into her pink Bentley instead!! @MarisaMendez

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