Timbaland’s Wife Has Filed For Divorce For A Second Time

Looks like Timbaland is headed back down the road to divorce. Last year his wife Monique Mosely called off their divorce in an attempt to save their relationship, but it looks like that failed because she has filed for a second time. Read more below.

This “Blast From The Past” Actor Is Stressed Out Over Major DEBT! More Than $85,000 A Month!

Brendan Fraser is really losing his hair dealing with the ex-wife. Fraser’s expenses exceed his income by a LARGE amount! This “Encino Man” makes about $206,000 a month and he’s in debt about $85,000. I know what you’re thinking. I would stretch his income for the whole year, let alone once a month. Most of his funds are going to professional reps and his ex-wife in alimony. YES, all the monies – alimony. Poor dude, check out his itemized break down of all the bills after the jump.

Man Sends Alimony Checks Covered In WHAT???

A Long Island man was arrested for sending alimony checks to his ex wife that were covered in excrement, yes covered in poop! How he made that possible is beyond me, but he sure did.  How’s that for a scorned husband LOL?  Out of curiosity I really wonder how he managed to do this and what convinced him that this was a good way to get revenge on her.  I doubt there will ever be a clear answer, but unfortunately for him besides the alimony checks he is now facing a  $35,000 bail.  Steph B

Russell Brand Passing On $22 Million Of Katy Perry’s Money In Divorce

Wow…THIS is a truly stand-up guy! Though he’s entitled to HALF of what his soon-to-be ex-wife Katy Perry made during their 14 months of marriage (which is $44 million, thus $22 mil for him) because the pair didn’t make a prenup, Russell will be passing on the money and letting Katy keep it. We need more men like this in the world! Read more about his decision below. Marisa Mendez

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