(Video) NBA: Allen Iverson Picks Michael Jordan Crossover as His Best Moment; MJ Has Funny Response

Allen Iverson has a lot of memorable moments in his Hall of Fame career, but his crossover on Michael Jordan remains supreme to many, including AI himself.  The legendary move became The Answer’s introduction to the big leagues.

(Video) NBA: Allen Iverson Says It’s His Dream to Play With This Retired Player

Allen Iverson is one of the former NBA players who will be a player/coach in Ice Cube’s BIG3 three-on-three basketball league.  He was asked about one other retired player.

(Video) NBA: LOL Allen Iverson Says Michael Jordan is Too Old to Join BIG3: ‘He Ain’t Doing This Sh-t’

Allen Iverson and several other former NBA players were out in New York City on Wednesday to present Ice Cube’s new BIG3 summer league, in which Iverson will be a player/coach.  AI was asked if he’ll try to recruit Michael Jordan for the league and his answer was hilarious.

Sports: Allen Iverson, Chauncey Billups & More Join Ice Cube’s 3-on-3 League

Ice Cube kicked off a new venture called the BIG3; it’s a 3-on-3 league featuring some past stars from the NBA including the one and only Allen Iverson.

NBA: Allen Iverson Is Not A Fan Of Lifting Weights Or Healthy Players Sitting Out Games

photo credit Allen Iverson will rarely, if ever, filter himself when he speaks. If you ask him a question you better be prepared for some hard, cold truth whether it’s about something serious or not. Last night when he was in Philly for his “Hall of Fame Night”, Iverson did some interviews and two funny and interesting topics came up. His answers to both shouldn’t surprise anyone.

(Video) NBA: Allen Iverson Is Honored By The Sixers On Hall Of Fame Night

photo credit The Sixers didn’t win their game last night against the Lakers but everything was still all good in Philly. Sevyn Streeter was finally able to sing the National Anthem the way she should have been able to back in October but of course, the night overall belonged to Allen Iverson and his hall of fame celebration.

(Video) NBA: Allen Iverson Has No Idea How To Do The #MannequinChallenge

Allen Iverson is not here for your #MannequinChallenge. It’s either that or he just has no clue how to participate, despite the challenge dominating social media for close to two weeks now. A.I. was in Philly at the Sixers game last night against the Pacers, a game that saw the Sixers win their first game of the season coincidentally and of course, the challenge was happening in the arena. When the cameras focused on Iverson however, it was hard to tell if he was trying but just didn’t know what to do, or if he just didn’t care. Regardless the outcome was pretty funny. Maybe he should practice but we all know how he feels about that.

(Video) NBA: Allen Iverson Discusses His Crossover on Michael Jordan: “I truly wanted to be like Mike”

Allen Iverson was recently inducted into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame, so everyone has been looking back on his career.  Though he’s known for his cultural affect on the game, what many people remember is the iconic moment he had against Michael Jordan.

(Video) NBA: Tyronn Lue Wants Allen Iverson To Come Coach With Him

Did you catch A.I.’s 30 minute Hall of Fame induction speech? Well, if you missed it, you missed a whole lot, including a story about The Cav’s championship winning coach, Tyronn Lue.

(Video) NBA: Allen Iverson Thanked Everyone From Jughead To Jadakiss In The Best Hall Of Fame Speech Ever

I’m still at a loss for words after watching Allen Iverson’s Hall of Fame speech last night. It was the realest talk we’ve heard from an athlete in quite a long time. Sure, A.I. had a speech somewhat prepared but he barely read from it. Instead he spent most of the roughly 30 minutes just speaking from the heart and making everyone in the crowd and folks watching at home get emotional. I’ve never met anyone who wasn’t a supporter of Iverson and didn’t want to see him win and that was on full display last night with the amount of love he was getting.

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