(Photos) Details Reveal The Reason For Solange’s Wedding Day Break-Out

Poor Poor Solange. On one of the most important days of a girls life, there was trouble – isn’t that like the law of the stars or something? Any who, Solange was photographed getting into a limo with Jay Z and Beyonce with a serious case of the hives. Although she tried to hide her face, the paps were on duty … that’s fine, because big sis Bey assisted by making an attempted to cover up sissy’s face. Drop down bottom for more.

(Photos + Video) Inside The Wedding: Solange Has MAJOR Allergic Reaction; Jay & Beyonce Get Down On The Dance Floor

As we all know by now, Solange Knowles married her longtime-boyfriend Alan Ferguson in a beautiful ceremony in New Orleans last night. Though the big day was filled with laughter and dancing (evident in the video of Jay and Bey getting down on the dance floor below,) there was a bit of a hiccup when Solange had quite the allergic reaction to something she’d come across during the course of the day. Perhaps it was her brother-in-law after Elevatorgate?

Woman Dies Of Alleged Allergic Reaction To Hair Extension Glue, Similar Deaths Have Occured

A doctor in London is speculating Atasha Graham, 34, died from a possible allergic reaction to the adhesive used to apply her weave. The Daily Mail reports that Graham collapsed after a night of dancing at a club. Click below to find out more. @WiLMajor

Allergic Girl Dies After Classmate Gave Her Peanuts

This is probably one of the most serious post I have ever posted on this site. If you are a parent and your child is allergic to something please teach them and drill it in their heads what to eat and not to eat. It’s horrible hearing stories like this.***not saying this young girls parents are at fault***. Click below to read the rest of the story. @WiLMajor

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