(PHOTO) NBA: Lol, Dwight Howard Takes Jab at LeBron With His April Fools Joke

It’s all jokes people!!  Dwight Howard took to Instagram to share an April Fool’s joke — at LeBron’s expense.  It’s just too easy. Check it out…

NBA: LeBron Pulls April Fools Joke on Fans … And Fools Absolutely No One

Nice try there Bron!  Maybe if DeMarcus Cousins didn’t just pull almost the same prank 24 hours before you, some of us would have believed you.  LeBron took to Twitter to share some news with his fans and about an hour later hit everyone with — April Fools.  Nah fam, we knew.  ALTHOUGH, some may have believed him since audio just dropped this morning of him freestyling over one of Hov’s songs. Check out his April Fools attempt after the jump…

(Photos) Wait, What!? Did Snooki And Her Man Elope!?

Did Snooki and her fiance/babydaddy Jionni elope!? Or was it an April Fools prank!? Click below to find out!

Boxing: LMAO! Got’em! Mike Tyson Fools A Lot of People With This April Fools’ Prank!

Don’t get got today people!  It’s Aprils Fools’ Day & people just love to pull pranks!  Iron Mike had Twitter and blogs going crazy when he tweeted about making a major change to his body.  Well no worries, the champ is staying just the way he is.  BUT check out what he did…

Tech Talk Funny: Check Out This Random April Fool’s Receipt!!!

This is what happens when you buy something from Michael Scott lol. If you have Netflix or Hulu I suggest you check out “The Office” then you can appreciate this receipt more. Hit the jump for this random funny receipt. +TatWZA X @ShottaDru Shotta Dru on Google+

Tech Talk Space: April Fools’ Day Asteroid Zips Close by Earth

An asteroid the size of a passenger jet will zoom close by Earth on Sunday just in time for April Fools’ Day, but it has no chance of hitting the Earth, NASA says. More after the jump… @Yungjohnnybravo @TatWZA

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