Congrats! Kimora Lee Simmons Gives Birth To Baby #4!

Kimora Lee Simmons

Kimora Lee Simmons and hubby Tim Leissner are happy to announce that they are proud parents to a newborn baby boy! The fashionista extraordinaire just gave birth to baby #4, making for quite the addition to their already huge family. The couple had a boy, naming him Wolfe Lee Leissner. “We are filled with joy, adoration and gratitude as we celebrate the birth of our son,” Kimora said in a statement regarding her newborn child. Although we’re not sure the exact date as to when Kimora gave birth, but it was definitely sometime within the past few weeks because on Easter, she was still pregnant. Congrats to the happy couple on their new little addition to the fam!

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Nia Amey Gets Into Heated Exchange After Being Asked Why She Smashed Karrueche’s Man!

Chris Brown x Royalty

… And the saga continues! Houston model Nia Amey has been keeping her cool throughout the whole “hey, I have a baby and Chris Brown is the father” ordeal, remaining silent thus far. However, she finally lost her cool and went postal on a few random Instagram trolls who were hawking her page with mean comments. Nia posted a semi-emo picture onto her IG account saying, ““When I look at you, I see this perfect person then there’s me, this weird crazy person with all these problems and I don’t see how you chose me. But please, just stay.” She’s obviously talking about Chris Brown and him wanting to move her and his daughter into his Los Angeles home. However, people caught on ASAP and started coming at her over her home wrecking ways. A user wrote on her photo, “Ya baby cute but why the f*ck u f*ck karrueche man and get pregnant dirty dog.” Nia clapped back and let off some steam for the first time throughout this entire baby drama. See what she had to say over in the gallery!

I’m sure this is making Karrueche even more confident in her decision to stay away from Chris Brown, regardless of his manipulative antics to win her back. Talk about Jerry Springer drama.. sheesh!

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Chris Brown Only Wants ONE Thing For His Birthday…

Chris Brown

Entertainer Chris Brown is only asking for one thing for his birthday this year and no, it is NOT a big booty heaux. As we’ve reported earlier, Breezy is begging his baby moms to move to Los Angeles close to him so he can see his 9-month-old daughter Royalty as much as possible. However, for his birthday, which he will be turning 26 on May 5th, he wants his baby mama Nia Guzman to not only move to LA but to move into his home with their child.

“He’s making it a priority to see her every day and that can only happen when she’s in L.A.” the source close to CB explained. “He’s making arrangements to give Nia $5,000 on the first of the month, so she can purchase a few items like a crib and things for Royalty’s room for when they move here. Things are in motion big time with them.”

From the looks of it, Chris is really trying to get the award for Daddy of The Year and we are NOT mad at him! Sometimes, people need a little baby loving to make them calm down, take a seat and get their sh*t straight. Seems like this was the only way Breezy could get his life back on track completely. However, Nia already has an older daughter so we’re not quite sure how that’s going to pan out.

As for Karrueche.. well, we all know where she stands after her interview on Fix My Life. Although

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(Video) Woman Arrested For Midtown Restaurant Baby Murder In NYC

Midtown NYC Restaurant Baby Murder

When you’re initial defense is “the devil made me do it,” we know it ain’t fitting to be a good look (SMH). A Woman Arrested For Midtown Restaurant Baby Murder In NYC today, for the alleged suffocation of her 1 year old son. She’s facing second-degree murder charges and awaiting arraignment on Tuesday–the baby was “unconscious and foaming at the mouth” when they found him.

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Chris Brown Offers To Move Baby Mama & Daughter To L.A. To Be Closer To Him!

Chris Brown's baby

Most of the time when we hear these horror stories of celebs having “break babies,” they tend to want nothing to do with the child nor the mother who gave birth. However, Chris Brown is proving us ALL wrong. He recently reached out to 31-year-old Nia Guzman, the model who he knocked up, to give her a proposition. Sources close to Chris said he wants to move Guzman and their baby Royalty to Hollywood Hills so they could be closer to him.

As of now, they reside in Houston and it is way too far for Brown. Sources also reveal he wants to be able to see Royalty every single day, which is VERY commendable now-a-days. He is currently paying Nia off the books WAY more than he’s supposed to for child support, but apparently he got mad that she’s speaking publicly about their past relations to the media. He said if she continues, they’ll go to court so she can receive only the court mandated amount along with paying for her housing expenses if she makes the move to California. Ump, hello! Sounds like an amazing deal to me. Is it really that easy? This chick will have her own reality TV show in no time. SMH! #MustBeNice

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(Video) Rich Homie Quan Speaks Out On Young Thug Calling Him “B*tch Homie Quan”


Rich Homie Quan and fellow lable-mate Young Thug have been going back-and-forth with the bickering ever since Thugger came for RHQ’s life live on stage during a stop on he and Travi$ Scott’s Rodeo Tour. Although we have absolutely NO idea why this “beef” began, according to Rich Homie– he is completely unbothered by the fact Young Thug called him “B*tch Homie Quan.” He recently sat down with Drea O. from Sirius XM’s Shade 45 in Austin, Texas during the crazy SXSW festivities to chop it up and clear up some issues. Rich Homie got into detail about his feelings on Young Thug calling him a b*tch, further explains his relationship with Birdman and discusses how he wants to distance himself from Rich Gang to focus more on his solo endeavors.

Check out the interview clip below.

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(Fellas Check The Pics) Oh Sh*t! Karrueche Posts Seductive Pics On Instagram & Chris Brown Comments!


..Anddddd he’s back at it once again! For whatever reason, Chris Brown just cannot leave his on-again, off-again Blasian boo Karrueche alone. Bad enough the news recently broke that Chris Brown fathered a 9-month-old baby girl named Royalty with a “model” named Nia Guzman from Houston, and to make matters even worse– Breezy is trolling Karrueche’s Instagram page like a true creep. The model posted a bunch of photos on an island kickin’ it with her BFF Christina Milian when Chris wrote on one of her bikini pics saying, “Thirst trap 101. continue to be a lady beautiful… U are perfect… Don’t let the Thot form from anger.” Now although she has already made it extremely clear that she is done with the famous entertainer, we are all praying that she does not have a relapse and go back to her #ForeverBae.

Why Chris is acting like the ultimate OG Petty Johnson–we’re not sure– but he has the entire internet going crazy, dubbing him as “the G.O.A.T.” God bless Karrueche because if I was her, I would have stooped down to his level and gotten JUST as petty (probably would have bagged Drake just because). Luckily for CB, Karrueche is not that type of girl (YET). Now Chris did reveal that he wanted to have his first child with Karrueche but unfortunately, that did not seem to work out as planned. Check out the SEXY flicks of Ms. Tran over in the gallery along with Chris’ ridiculous comment. When

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(Video) WTF: 9 Month Old Baby Killed By Saw Because She Wouldn’t Stop Crying

Two Babies Found on Side Road

Officially the worst headline of the year: 9 Month Old Baby Killed By Saw Because She Wouldn’t Stop Crying (SMH, WTF, SMH)…

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(Photos) Lil Wayne Shows Support for Chris Brown Baby Situation

Lil Wayne Supports Chris Brown

Just can’t leave him alone: there’s always something in the news about Breezy (SMH)! But in the latest installment of the current and quite messy scenario comes a positive. Lil Wayne Shows Support for Chris Brown Baby Situation!

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The Name Of Chris Brown’s 9-Month-Old Daughter Is Revealed!

Chris Brown's baby

Majority of the world is still in utter disbelief over the news that broke of Chris Brown fathering a 9-month-old baby girl with Houston model who goes by the name “Nia.” Although most of us are still shocked, Breezy’s dirty dog ways were going to catch up with him eventually but this takes the cake. According to sources, Chris and Nia’s daughter goes by the name “Royalty.” Although there is no proof of whether or not Nia consulted CB prior to giving their daughter that specific name, it’s too late because that is the name printed on the baby’s birth certificate.

Sources also reveal that Chris is “extremely happy” to become a father and plans to fly back and forth to Houston to help parent his seed. He has yet to publicly address the baby issue but as we all know, Breezy does not hold back via social media so I’m sure a long, intense rant is coming any day now. As for Karrueche– she claims she’s done after tweeting out “Listen. One can only take so much. The best of luck to Chris and his family. No baby drama for me.” Only time will tell if CB’s ride or die GF stays by his side during this topsy turvy time in their already dysfunctional relationship.

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