(Photos) Man Down: Justin Bieber Gets ATTACKED At Canadian Night Club

While JB was partying it up in a Toronto night club, an overly obsessed fan tried to tackle Biebz to the floor at around 3 A.M. Saturday morning. According to people in the club, Justin left his VIP section to go polly with the people on the floor when his attacker attempted to take little Biebz down. His security guards intervened and Justin left untouched. Check out the pics in the gallery from the Canadian club scene mess!

But Why??? Justin Bieber Plays The Guitar…Naked…For His Grandma!

Ok apparently this is actually an old 2012 Thanksgiving(October in Canada), and was apart of a prank he played on fam and friends…Hit the Jump to see what Grams thought about it!

(Video) The Biebz At It Again: Justin Bieber Fights To Keep His Pants Up While Lip-Syncing

Justin Bieber has no chill…what..so…ever. During a recent show in Jacksonville, Florida, Justin was lip-syncing the words to his songs while performing with no shame as he struggled to keep his baggy pants from falling. He was VERY close to exposing the goods to the crowd of teeny-boppers who were probably all hungry for a piece of the Biebz. Hit the jump to see the video footage from his Boyfriend Tour.

Justin Bieber’s Manager Wants Him To CUT ALL TIES With Bad Boy BFF Lil Twist

Ever since the Biebz has been kickin’ it heavy with YMCMB rapper Lil’ Twist, he has been acting like an out-of-control hoodlum. Well, Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun is NOT having that and wants JB to kick his reckless rapper friend to the curb. #StraightLikeThat

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